"This is the best thing to wear for the day. You understand. Because I don't like women in skirts, and the best thing is to wear pantyhose or some pants under a short skirt, I think. Then you have the pants under the skirt, and then you pull the stockings up over the pants underneath the skirt. And you can always take the skirt off and use it as a cape, so I think this is the best costume for the day. I have to think these things up, you know? Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono, so we had quite a fight."

"I understand why people get married. It's all a question of who you want to stay with. Of course I'm mad about animals, but raccoons and cats become a little bit boring. I mean for too long a time."

"Listen, kid! I'm extremely organized. I know exactly where to look for this stuff. I've got it under control right here, but I can't find it. Get it?"

"If you can't get someone to propose to you, you might as well be dead."

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